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We are the creators of fabric in collaboration with traditional Mandjak weavers from Sénégal who work at the TËSSS studios

We sell directly from our showroom in Saint Louis.  Our local and international clients are attracted by the quality, the diversity and the originality of our collection. 

Our products are replicas of traditional pagnes, ever still popular in Sénégal.  The form, the weaving, the materials and colors blend with local style and tradition.  We accept custom textile orders.

Material:   Warp – cotton:   black caramel or ecru

                Weft – cotton: various colors

                Motifs – cotton, silk, viscose

Maintenance: wash at 60 degrees - use very hot iron

N.B. The construction of these narrow bands of fabric is an African tradition which we maintain and conserve.  It is the foundation of our unique pieces. We are not able to fill orders which do not conform to this particular process of 21cm bands. 

PRICE:  Request a total cost estimate for your order.  There are many variations and our prices vary according to the complexity or simplicity and the size of the project.

MAILING - SHIPPING: Standard shipping by post, certified or registered is recommended.  Other secured methods are possible.

PAYMENT: By BNP French account in Euro. Other transfer payment forms are possible.

DEPOSIT and BALANCE:  Your agreement with the verified diagram and estimate, including shipping is a confirmed order, by mail.   Once your account at BNP appears on our on-line bank statement, we begin the project.  As soon as we are ready for shipping, we wait for the balance of your payment.

The postal calculation and receipt will also be forwarded at your request. 

Upon receipt of the balance, we confirm payment clearance and send your order.

LENGTH OF SHIPPING: Generally one week for France, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany.  The United States is three to four weeks shipping time.