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The Conservatory CAMÉE

“Heritage helps communities overcome the challenges of globalization, not only by preserving the values ad customs which define their identity, but equally encouraging respect for other cultural traditions and mutual understanding.  Culture, tangible or intangible, allows a unique occasion for awareness of differences, while building social harmony, whether national or international“.

Koïchiro Matsuura – Director General UNESCO – 2009    

We have adopted this vision of UNESCO:  It calls for sustainable and perennial efforts. Many development participants are motivated by an ideology of economic development based upon the value of heritage: The Association CAMÉE, on behalf of Le Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers de l’Élégance,  (The Conservatory of Arts and Crafts of Elegance) subscribes to this approach. Utilizing the strength of skills, sharing between these artisans and enterprises, a label, a brand or logo, and with interaction between other associations, 1000 METIERS are possible. The elegance and the arts and crafts which connects must be one of the major attractions to the city: A valuable asset, by and for the inhabitants of this three century old city. Visitors to Saint-Louis are attracted by her natural and historic location with admiration for the elegance of the residents, which becomes decidedly the most remarkable discovery of their visit. We believe that cultural tourism has the strongest growth potential in the world and that is also this cultural awareness that gives the best image of a region and its identity.

CAMÉE, this crucible of tangible achievement, anchored within local reality, is certainly an effort of sustainability for the future.

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Press File

Conservatory Opening 2013 January 5.

The initial exposition was dedicated to Indigo.

Very ancient techniques are documented and represent many African cultures.

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